Don’t take our word for it. Hear what some of our lovely suppliers say about us.

“Shropshire trading have been nothing short than fantastic for our business. Their professional and timely service has really enabled us to turn our problem stocks into cash, allowing us to reinvest and grow our core SKU’s.”

Alcohol Manufacturer

“Shropshire trading have honestly been lifesavers to us in some instances. They are quick to respond, and it feels like no volume is too high whenever we need to find a new home for surplus stock”

JUICE Manufacturer

“I have been working with Shropshire Trading for 15 months and they have been excellent at helping me and our company clear short dated and excess stock. I really enjoy working with the team at Shropshire and they have become my go to company for clearance. Massive thank you to the Trading Team!“

Fitness & Supplements Manufacturer

“Shropshire Trading are a fantastic customer to work with. They are extremely reliable and proactive and we really enjoy trading with them. We have received an exceptional service in return and we are looking forward to developing the relationship“

Alcohol Manufacturer

“The team at Shropshire Trading are always very professional and organised to help us clear our stock. They are very patient with us whilst we process the orders through which can be very time consuming. It is always a sense of achievement when it comes together and we would recommend using them where possible.”

Ice Cream Manufacturer

“It’s great to work with a customer that always comes back to you and chases the sale as much as you do!”

Grocery Manufacturer