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We are a close-knit, dedicated and passionate bunch of people who work tirelessly to solve your problem stock issues. We love what we do and we love talking to you, so please give us shout or drop us a line.


Managing Director

Jemima has joined us as a business development trader; getting to the bottom of what our clients look for in a residual stock partner: ensuring that we meet their needs and get the best deal for them every single time. She’s also a computer whizz, which is super-handy for us luddites in the team!

‘I come from a background of project management and problem solving, so it’s a natural fit to work in a team that solves problems on a daily basis. Stopping food waste and helping food be more affordable is a great way to use my project management skills.’


Senior Trader

Meet Kay, one of our fab traders. Kay looks after soft drinks, baby, baking and snacking. She has been part of the Shropshire Trading family since 2017, having come from a background in jewellery. Kay took to FMCG like a duck to water, swapping diamonds for jaffa cakes, and has never looked back.

‘I’ve worked for Shropshire Trading for just over 2 years now and it is a really great place to work. We have lots of lovely suppliers and customers who I enjoy chatting to each day. Each day is different as we are always re-homing different products. It’s great to be fighting the war on waste and knowing that we make a difference.’



Cameron joined us as a Junior Trader, following a spell at Land Rover, swapping cars for protein bars.

He brings the laughs to the office and became the inaugural Shropshire Trading Go-Karting champion (by a distance).

His love of Italian food knows no bounds, as he helped rehome large volumes of chopped tomatoes, a memorable deal indeed!

“I’ve really enjoyed my start to life at Shropshire trading, the team welcomed me instantly! The office is a great place to be every day and no two days are the same. I can’t wait to see what the future has in store for us.”


Junior Trader

Bringing a team ethos from experience in hospitality, James has quickly become a vital part of everything Shropshire Trading delivers. Shocked at first at how much food and drink potentially goes to waste, James now gets a real buzz from helping our suppliers find new homes for their stock, while saving the planet.

When not catching up with friends in Shrewsbury’s excellent pubs, or playing dominos, darts and chess, skateboarder James can be found getting in some gnarly flips, tricks and alley-oops!


Logistics Guru

Katie heads up our logistics division, ensuring that stock gets to right place at the right time. Katie has been working in planning and logistics since S Club 7 were topping the charts. She really does make sure that our products ‘Dont Stop Movin’.

‘All the team here are very friendly. I enjoy working here because every day is different, it keeps you on your toes!’


Graduate Intern

With a love of food and passion for problem solving, Buffy is getting stuck into all aspects of our operations from trading to marketing. Having finished her university degree in Natural Sciences, Buffy wanted to explore the food industry and what better way than the world of residual stock!

Calm and collected in the office, Buffy will make your head spin on the football pitch as she runs from one end to the other. Her team spirit and tenacity make her a great new addition to the Shropshire Trading team.


Finance Manager

Ian manages all things numbers. He has a wealth of experience heading up account teams across different industries. Ian loves countryside walks and enjoys listening to Simon & Garfunkel.



Simon had the vision 25 years ago to tackle food waste long before it became a hot topic. Having worked in the food industry and seeing the excess products being thrown away inspired Simon to take action. Simon is a maverick and a one off, an entrepreneur to the bone and heads up a group of different businesses.

‘I’m pleased to see that the food industry has caught up: sustainability is a fashionable term nowadays, but for us, it’s always been part of who we are as a company.’

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