As a company born from an opportunity to reduce food waste, we’re committed to running in a way that protects the planet wherever possible, as well as providing a secure, happy place for our team – for us it is the only way to do business.

This includes a number of core commitments, as well as a constant review of practices to ensure we are operating in the best way we can.

We're Carbon neutral

We’re pleased to say we’re a Carbon Neutral Business! This means we have calculated and offset our total emissions via the Woodland Fund™ Portfolio.

Find out more about what being Carbon Neutral means here.

We also help our suppliers calculate and report on their own carbon emissions so would be happy to discuss this option in more detail.

We invest and support our team

Our team are what makes us successful – and it’s only fair that they as treated as such.   

As well as being a Real Living Wage employer, providing our employees with a wage which is enough to live on and meets everyday needs, we also invest significantly in staff training and personal development to help get the best out of every team member we have and support their growth in the business.   

Find out more about the Real Living Wage here

We're striving to be a Better Business

The Better Business Act aims for a greener, fairer future for all – and that’s something we can get firmly behind. 

By signing up to the act and joining the coalition, businesses are helping to take responsibility for their social and environmental impact, which is something we have done at Shropshire Trading since day one.  

Find out more about the Better Business Act here. 

Our annual impact

As we continue our journey, we want to extend our sincere gratitude to our dedicated staff, loyal customers, and supportive suppliers. It’s through your ongoing support and collaboration that we’re able to make a real difference in tackling food waste and promoting sustainability.

Read our latest annual impact report here.